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In My Name (You Shall Love)
2002 Leela Grace, BMI 

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Time: 4:50
Leela Grace: lead vocal, guitar
Ellie Grace: vocal, mandolin
Recorded March 2003 by Steven Gardner, Columbia, Missouri

Note: Due to time constraints, this is a rather raw version of this song. 
Update: It HAS BEEN re-recorded on Leela and Ellie's full-length duo CD that they recorded with producer Pete Sutherland.  It was released in 2003 and is available for purchase in the Grace Family Music Store!!!!

March 13, 2003: I wrote this song nearly a year ago and I regularly introduce it by saying "I don't usually write songs from the perspective of God, but . . ."  As I look around today, it seems to me that never has a song like this been more needed than at this very moment in time.  It feels as though we stand at a crossroads.  My deepest hope is that this song does some small part to sow seeds of peace, to give wings to love, to bring light into the darkest places, to make other ways of being in this world seem possible . . . So, listen.  If you feel so moved, tell your friends about it.  Play it on the radio.  Sing it quietly to yourself.  Sing out loud in the streets, in the meadows . . . Sing together -- sing any song!   Surround the White House singing "You shall love . . ." (I want to be there for that!!).  There is always hope.

Leela Grace
e-mail: leela "at"


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A note from Ellie:
Hello, dear ones.  This song that we have made available for download is what Leela and I have to give you as our small way of trying to bring a spark of hope and a little more love into this world. . .  We must believe that it is never too late and you and I are never too small to make a world of difference.  
In continued hope for peace,
Ellie Grace 


The song In My Name (You Shall Love) was featured on NPR's All Songs Considered in a special edition featuring songs related to the war in Iraq.  You can see (and listen to) this program at: and check out the current All Songs Considered program at

Photo: Leela and Ellie on statge
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