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September 2012:  Whew! This page is out of date. I'm writing songs, learning new songs, playing guitar, loving the accordion, brushing off the autoharps, finding my voice and having a great time!  Stay tuned...

January 2010: Win Grace is still on sabbatical from performing, but very much enjoying playing music.  Stay tuned... This has been a time of great change. Grace-ful Music can still be purchased at the Music Store. 

Win Grace:
Accordion, Autoharps, Piano, Guitar, Voice and Feet (Le Pied - seated clogging!)

For 30 years, Win Grace toured throughout North America and performed American roots and contemporary folk music. She performed with her husband, with other musicians and sometimes with her daughters Leela and Ellie Grace.  She began a sabbatical from performing in 2007.  Her goal was to reclaim the joy that once was music and to give attention to enriching the relationship with her husband.  She also hoped to deal with relationship problems that had been neglected as she worked tirelessly 60-80 hours/week to make a go of the music business.  Unfortunately, the end result of these efforts was a divorce (Jan. 2009) after 32 1/2 years of marriage. 

Past Promotion:

"Throw out any notions you've had that folk music is dull. These folks will infect you with their joy and wear you out with the celebration."
Ed Gunsalus, Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse, Dallas, TX


Lewis & Clark CD:

In 2003, Win Grace joined forces with nationally-known musicians Cathy Barton, Paul Fotsch, Dave Para, and Bob Dyer to record a CD of original, traditional and period music interpreting this epic journey of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery.  The CD "Most Perfect Harmony" Lewis and Clark: A Musical Journey has been critically acclaimed and was designated a notable recording by the American Library Association!


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Win has continued her sabbatical from performing and is pursuing healing and recovery with every fiber of her being.  Starting over at 60 is not easy, but it is a comfort to be able to play music through this time. 

During this time of healing and starting over, she is listening to hear what she is directed to do with her musical skills.  She continues to play and to await inspiration in that department.  She thinks occasionally of presenting a local concert of all the songs she has learned and played during this time of transformation. 

Meanwhile, the CD's that she poured her heart and soul into are still available in the Grace Family Music store: Music Store.  


Past Promotion:

These high-energy, versatile vocalists and multi-instrumentalists delighted audiences of all ages with their close harmonies, warm stage presence, and skill on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, harmonica, autoharp, piano, accordion and feet (le pied by Win-- seated clogging!). As one fan commented, "They make a lot of music for only two people!"

Their music included a large repertoire of American roots music (including old time string band and traditional folk) and selections from the wide body of contemporary folk songs (including several originals by daughters Leela and Ellie Grace). Gospel and old country music were also incorporated into their shows. Their high energy performances included songs that range from silly to romantic to exciting.

Vocals were an integral part of their music; they loved to make their voices blend in close country duet harmony. This is not to diminish the importance of their  instruments. They liked to try out all possible combinations of their many instruments, from the old time string band sound of the fiddle and accordion or fiddle and piano to the romantic tones of the guitar, mandolin and autoharp.


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